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Friendly customer service, spot on estimates, quality work
Recommended? Yes | by Amy Hall , Oct 13, 2021
I have delayed my review for a couple of months in order to see if my vehicle continued to run well....and it has. My vehicle was running badly and so I made an appointment. I dropped it off earlier than my scheduled day of repair.. Fortunately they were able to look at it and diagnose the problem earlier than planned. The initial problem they diagnosed was taken care of. I received a call from them with a further assessment of another problem that I was aware of but had been ignoring. I gave the ok and it was repaired as well. I'm happy to say that my vehicle is purring along nicely. The shop time at this facility is somewhat expensive but after reviewing their work it was obvious to me that they are very professional with very skilled mechanics that are very thorough. Also a few extras were added in at no extra charge to me which was great. The work that was done is guaranteed for 36 months which to me indicates their confidence in their work. They were great to deal with on the telephone and in person. I'm quite satisfied with Circle and Square and have no reservations about doing business with them again in the future. You get what you pay for and I am happy with what I got. Five Stars.
Recommended? Yes | by Michael Hemphill , Sep 15, 2021
I was so lucky to find this place. We were in Port Townsend and Mercedes starting making a knocking noise. I called three other places and one said they would put me on a waiting list, other taking reservations for three weeks from the day and third told me not to bother bringing by the shop. I was starting to panic as 92 miles from Olympia and 140 miles from Westport. They diagnosed the problem immediately as a water pump problem. They ordered the parts and fixed the next day. Very professional and had a shuttle service back to Port Townsend and don’t know what I would have done without them. I guess trying to drive to Olympia and don’t think the car would have made it.
Recommended? Yes | by Robert Spalding , Aug 17, 2021
Great service, skilled mechanics, very friendly, honest and kind staff and owner.
Recommended? Yes | by Lyell Fox , Jul 20, 2021
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