Circle & Square is just what the doctor ordered for Dr. Joe and Katie Mattern. “They always get me in right away,” said Katie. “And they answer all my questions.” Said Joe: “We trust them. They’re like an MD with good bedside manner. They have good ‘car-side’ manner.

Dr. Joe and Katie Mattern

"I’ve been going to Circle & Square Auto Care for 5 years. I’ve always sought out locally-owned sole proprietorships and people I could trust. They always explain things really well and I always ask a lot of questions-- They’re wonderful. They tell me what needs to be done and what can wait. I get a written report of everything that needs to be done to help me budget. They charged me less than what the Toyota dealership quoted me for diagnostics. I always feel very well taken care of at Circle & Square Auto Care."


"We've been going to Circle & Square Auto Care since 2004 and we now take all our cars there. As a business owner, I know you get what you pay for. If you go to a discount place you get discount service, Circle & Square gives you the best value for your buck." says goldsmith Lisa Petrick. Locksmith, Garron Petrick also added: "I've worked with all the shops in the area and Circle & Square Auto Care probably has the most state-of-the-art equipment... as soon as you walk into their shop -- it's immaculate!"

Lisa, Garron, and Sean with their 2009 Pontiac Solstice and 2004 For Econoline

“David and Mark are wonderful, gracious, and kind. My car has 241,000 miles on it and its still going strong and runs like the empress that it is. They always ask before they do any work. They are unpretentious and phenomenally skilled. Everyone gets treated the same regardless of what car you drive. The charges are very fair and much less than I’ve paid for in San Francisco and Portland. There is so much integrity there.”

Deb O'Connor

“I called Circle & Square and talked to Mark – the service advisor – about what car to buy and he explained that among my choices it was to my advantage to buy the Toyota.” Jim showed up an hour early for his 1 o’clock appointment and Sandi offered to shuttle him home while Circle & Square finished work on his 2007 Toyota Camry. There were no surprises on the cost. “They quoted $55-$58 and it was right on the mark.” Jim summed up the service at Circle & Square Auto Care by saying, “They would do good by you.”

Jim Richard and his 2007 Toyota Camry

Bob Forster of Port Ludlow used to be his own mechanic, and admits he’s “really fussy” about cars. Now he lets Circle and Square do the work on his wife’s Lexus, and he’s very satisfied. Said Sharon Forster: “We appreciate the quality care we receive. It’s nice not having to take our car to the dealer in Lynnwood for service.”

Bob and Sharon Forster

"We've been going to Circle & Square Auto Care for 2 or 3 years. We tried a couple other car repair spots and they're just never as good as Circle & Square. We took our truck in and one of the mechanics told us we had a flat tire on the car that wasn't even being worked on. They fixed it on the spot. They really do care about you and their prices are great. Juggling two kids and trying to make it work is difficult, but they make it easier."

Rex and Millissa Riffle (along with Tucker and Stratford) in front of their 2008 Chevy Tahoe

"We recently moved from Port Townsend to Olympia, which was a small let-down as far as car service is concerned. We had been taking our Volvo station wagon and GMC Suburban to Circle & Square since about 1996 and found the service to be completely satisfactory. I am not commending Circle & Square for anything particularly dramatic, but for friendly, knowledgeable and consistently reliable service, whether regular maintenance or for irregular little problems."

Barry Remsberg

“I had a major repair needed and my mechanic in Seattle didn’t do that kind of work. I shopped around and Circle & Square Auto Care did the best job for the best price. Ultimately they were less expensive than any other estimate I received. They did the repair effectively and discovered a recall on my car and they’re helping me with the documentation to send to the company. They’re thorough, friendly, and clean.”

Pat Stapleton

“Circle & Square Auto Care is honest and friendly. They’ve been taking care of my car for 150,000 miles, so I feel comfortable with them and they’ve always treated me fairly. I drive a lot; I’m often out of state. If my engine light goes on when I’m in Portland, I’ll call them up and they make sure that as soon as I’m back in town that they can get me right in. They’re always super accommodating.”

Kevin Thompson

“Circle & Square Auto Care has serviced my car ever since I’ve had it new. They’re very fair; I appreciate that they don’t try to sell me a lot of services I don’t need. They’ll tell you what’s dangerous and what needs to be taken care of, but they don’t try to run the bill up and their prices are fair.”

Gary Kennedy

“I had an old Subaru up for sale and a young fellow in our neighborhood said he would buy it because he knew we’d had all the work done at Circle & Square Auto Care. I sold it right on the spot.”

Clair Candler

“I’ve had nothing but good experiences with Circle & Square Auto Care. I’m not that knowledgeable about cars, and I appreciate that they don’t talk down to me. It’s good to know about your car, and now I feel like I do. I feel really confident that they’ll give me honest advice. For good maintenance, they’re really the top. I’m glad there’s a place in town that is truthful and trustworthy.”

Iris Bracey

“I started going to Circle & Square Auto Care a few months ago on a recommendation, and have been very pleased with the service we’ve gotten there. The premises are exceptionally clean; they have a very pleasant waiting area. It’s probably the most comfortable lounge I’ve ever experienced to wait in while your car is serviced. I found what our friends told us and had recommended was true.”

Dave Burkebile

“One of the things that I’ve experienced at Circle & Square that I’ve never experienced anywhere else is when I bring my car in, Drew will call and tell me exactly what needs to be done and he’ll do it in layman’s terms so I understand what he’s talking about. He goes over everything in detail, and then again when I come back in. They’ll bring out the part and show me what was wrong so I can visually see it. It’s really great. I have an understanding of my cars, and that, to me, proves they’re really reliable, really honest, they do good work, and I really trust them. They are beyond excellence in customer service.”

Susie Jahnke

“Circle & Square Auto Care was highly recommended to me because of their expertise with foreign cars. Every time I bring in my Volkswagen, they greet me with a smile and are quick to diagnose and fix the problem. They’re really not that expensive and they always do a great job-now I recommend Circle & Square to all of my friends!”

Beverly Thompson

"After Courtesy Ford closed, AAA recommended that I take my 2003 Ford Ranger and 1995 Ford Escort to Circle & Square Auto Care for regular maintenance and repairs-and I’m so glad I did! They take great care of my cars, and me, from their friendly service to the excellent quality of their work. They even drive me to and from my house instead of making me wait if it’s going to take awhile. I recommend them to my family and my friends; see for yourself what excellent and friendly service is at Circle & Square!"

Ed Elliott


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After Courtesy Ford closed, AAA recommended that I take my 2003 Ford Ranger and 1995 Ford Escort to Circle & Square Auto Care...

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