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We live on the edge of national forest land, surrounded on three sides by Puget Sound and the Straits of Juan de Fuca. As homeowners and members of this small, close-knit community, it wasn't hard to sense that waste reduction and sound environmental practices are crucial.

When we bought Circle & Square in 1988, we recognized that we had the opportunity to set an example of ecological responsibility, while running a productive operation.

We are in compliance with and follow all federal, state and local environmental regulations, and adhere to the proper handling, use and disposal of the materials we use for the maintenance and repair of your automobile. We care about maintaining a safe and clean workplace and believe that our customers do also because it helps to ensure a healthier and safer environment for everyone.

Our shop supply/environmental charge helps to cover some of these related costs:

  • Recycling used antifreeze
  • Crushing and recycling oil filters
  • Provide secondary containment for all hazardous wastes
  • Environment disposal fee charged by laundry services
  • Pumping out sumps and sludge removal from tanks designed to catch degreasing and cleaning residues
  • Mandated equipment for environmentally-sound automotive repair and maintenance
  • Regularly-scheduled Right-to-Know training for our employees (material use and handling of hazardous substances training for staff).
  • Liability insurance covering safe handling, use, storage, shipping and disposal of hazardous cleaners, chemicals and lubricants
  • Recycling of used oils and lubricants
  • Recycling of all packing materials
  • Disposal or recycling of regulated and documented waste fluids and chemicals
  • Proper handling and managing of asbestos
  • Registration of hundreds of chemicals with the state
  • Regular testing by certified technicians of our storage tanks for leakage
  • Purchase of special safety reclaiming and storage equipment
  • Regulatory compliance with DOE small waste generator's license
  • Recycling of mufflers, tailpipes, catalytic converters and batteries
  • Store and manage all metals and plastics for recycling


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Port Hadlock, WA 98339

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Mon-Fri 8am - 5pm

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After Courtesy Ford closed, AAA recommended that I take my 2003 Ford Ranger and 1995 Ford Escort to Circle & Square Auto Care...

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